Effects of Day Length on Performance Traits of Commercial Poultry

Vision is likely the most important sensory tool available to domestic poultry. Poultry birds (broiler and layers) rely on vision more than any other...
K&Ns Pakistan History

K&Ns is Celebrating its 50th Year of Success

      History Of K&Ns Pakistan: In January 1964, a young man, Khalil Sattar (Owner of K&Ns), still a college student, had the vision to foresee a...

Economic Survey of Pakistan & Livestock Sector

Livestock is an important sector in Pakistan’s economy and contributes about 11.9 percent in the GDP of Pakistan. Livestock sector is considered to be...

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Exploring Where CBD Came From

Many pet owners are excited to try CBD oil but are still reluctant to because of its association with marijuana and all the surrounding...