Dog Food Comes In Various Forms

The difficulty of feeding pets is often faced by dog owners. Dog food should always suit your pet’s lifestyle and preference for flavors. It is also important that it is easy and convenient for you to use.

Here in the United States, the majority of dog owners generally purchase healthy dog food at local grocers or they prepare raw food for their furry friends.

Three Classifications for Dog Food

Dry Dog Food

Out of all commercially available dog foods, this is the one most popular. When feeding pets, it is easy without being cumbersome. This is why demand is growing for this style of dog food. Some people call this kibbles.

Wet Dog Food

Unlike dry dog food, the wet kind is moist. It is high in water content, fats, and proteins. For this reason, it is necessary to feed dogs higher quantities of wet dog food as compared to dryer ones.

Raw Dog Food

Just like the name sounds, this one is raw without processed. Oftentimes, dog owners purchase raw food from the grocery store to feed to their pets. Many pet food stores these days offer commercially produced raw pet food.

There are no preservatives, dyes, nitrates, gluten, chemicals or soluble carbohydrates in these. Many owners feed these when their dogs have allergies to wet and dry, processed foods.

Still, there can be disadvantages to raw foods. The FDA recommends that basic hygiene practices be followed when feeding raw foods to pets to prevent serious health conditions.

Typically, wet and dry dog food contains meat, offals, bone meal, animal digest and other byproducts. Some pet owners consider package labeling just a way for commercial food makers to include undesirable things in the pet foods they produce.

Nevertheless, there are FDA regulations governing what goes into commercial pet foods that are similar to regulations concerning the manufacture of human food. When pet food manufacturers conform to these standards, the FDA has ensured that pets are fed with good food that is hygienically prepared.

Pet owners want to do what is best for their dogs because they are passionate about this family member. With pet food companies always vying for their share of the market, it is no surprise that you can find the best ones available at most pet or grocery stores.

For best results, pet owners should always follow package instructions on the commercial dog food they buy and basic hygiene practices. This will ensure they are providing their pets with the best possible food.

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