With all the pet-friendly hotels, transportation, and other travel arrangements these days, you don’t need to bother your neighbor or friend to look after your cat when you want to go on a vacation. No need to put them in a cat hotel or kennel either.

But how can you make sure that your cat will enjoy the trip as much as you would or that they don’t end up making a mess and ruining your holiday?

Take the necessary precautions to ensure a stress-free vacation.

How to take your cat on holiday without the problems

Make sure your cat is ready for a vacation

Sure, they can’t tell you whether or not they want to accompany you during your trip. But, as their owner, you will have a good idea if the feline you own prefers to remain in their home turf, surrounded by things they are familiar with. If your cat loves their own routine, tearing them away from it can be a challenge.

Why not do some tests?

Start by taking them to a different location, not far from where you live, during the weekends and see how your cats will fare during the separation from a familiar environment.

If they survive being thrusts in a new atmosphere, they might be up for a good and long vacation somewhere far away.

Ensure their safety during transit

What type of transportation are you taking? Is it going to be a plane, automobile, or train? Whatever is the case, it is important that you keep your cat safe using the right restraints.

If you’re driving, for example, you should place your cat in the back seat with a safety harness and with a barricade across to keep them from leaping onto the front seat.

Put them in a cage if you have one, but make sure it is big enough and with ample shade. Good ventilation is also important.

If you’re flying, however, you need to follow an airline’s rules about cat carriers and cat breeds. An authorized crate or carrier may be required for your cat to fly on a plane, so it is important that you do your homework in advance.

Allow time for breaks and toilet stops

Make sure to bring treats, food, and water bowl when going on vacation with your cat. If you know there won’t be tap water available, keep a stock of bottled water that will last until you reach your destination.

Take time for exercise and toilet breaks as well.

All of these are easier done when you’re driving to your destination. You can easily take a stop at a park or playground and allow your cat to have a walk around.
When flying, make sure to let the cat use the toilet before you board the plane or before they are placed in their carrier.

Book the right accommodation

Find accommodations that are pet-friendly. It would be an added bonus if pet provisions are also available. Be sure to check the in-house rules before you finalize your booking.

Is there a pet bedding available or do you need to bring your own?

Do they only allow pets of a certain size?

Does the accommodation you have in mind have a fenced area?

Are there available facilities and amenities designed for pets?

Is there a cat sitting service available?

The last one would be a great offer if you want to check out a new show or dine out at a gourmet restaurant where pets may not be allowed.

Check that a vet or Pet Hospital is available nearby

You will never know when your cat may get sick during your vacation, so it is highly recommended that you choose an accommodation with a nearby vet. It would be great if the hotel or B&B that you’re staying in has a resident vet, but if not, nearby options would be ideal.

Keep these tips in mind when going on a holiday with your cat.

Jawad Ahmad is veterinary graduate from Asia's best veterinary university, University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He loves to blog and work as a freelance writer for biosciences niche. He joined "Veterinary Hub" in June 2013 as an author. He is currently a post-graduate student in Department of Pathology, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore.