Punjab Poultry Sector's 2012-13 Annual Statistical Report

Poultry sector of Punjab announced the status of poultry farming in Punjab. Poultry farming is one of the growing business in Pakistan and supporting the economy of Pakistan very well. After looking at the presented data by a website (poultry.punjab.gov.pk), I tried to re-arrange the provided statistical report into a readable format.

Hatcheries in Punjab, Pakistan:

Hatcheries in Punjab, Pakistan
Total Hatcheries 145
Production Capacity 650.25 Million Chick
Actuall Production 622.68 Million Chick

Feed Mills in Punjab, Pakistan:

Feed Mills in Punjab, Pakistan
Total Feed Mills 121
Feed Mills Production Capacity 7.66 Million Tons
Actuall Production of Feed Mills 4.26 Million Tons

Poultry Farms in Punjab, Pakistan:

Poultry Farms in Punjab, Pakistan
Layer Farms 3830
Broiler Farms 17555 Farms
Breeder Farms 462 Farms
Total Farms 21847 Farms

Poultry Population in Punjab, Pakistan:

Poultry Population in Punjab, Pakistan
Layer Population 23.44 ± 0.84 Millions
Broiler Population 555.31 Millions
Breeder Population 9.62 ± 0.90 Millions
Rural Poultry Population 38.90 Millions
Total Poultry Population 627.21 Millions

Egg Production Punjab, Pakistan:

Egg Production Punjab, Pakistan
Farm Egg Production 5782 Millions
Desi Egg Production 1973 Millions
Total Production 7755 Millions

Poultry Meat Production in Punjab, Pakistan:

Poultry Meat Production
Broiler Meat 555.31 Thousand Tons (5, 55, 310 Tons)
Culled (Layer & Breeder) Meat 27.36 Thousand Tons (27, 360 Tons)
Desi (Rural) Chicken Meat 49.40 Thousand Tons (49, 400 Tons)
Total Chicken Meat Production 632.07 Thousand Tons (6, 32, 070 Tons)

Per Capita Consumption:

Per capita consumption of egg is 81.49 eggs and per capita poultry meat consumption is 6.64 Kg. This per capita consumption is very low as compared to the developed countries of the world.