K&N’s, a well known poultry production and processing company, is going to start processing of Halal Poultry meat in Fulton, USA. K&N’s has recently bought a processing company from a company named Fulton’s Birds Eye plant. Although K&N’s has bought the plant and invested almost $5 million but it’s now producing any product yet. And it production will start in late 2014. The company will prefer to hire the old employees of  Fulton’s Birds Eye plant and hired almost 43 of 183 employees.

The plant in Fulton is K&N’s Foods’ first facility in the U.S. When K&N’s Foods receives approval from the USDA to begin operations, possibly by the spring of 2014, it will begin making Halal chicken products like nuggets, sausages and cold cuts. Adil Sattar, CEO of K&N’s Foods USA, told WRVO Public Media the company plans to sell its food to specialty stores, supermarkets and foodservice companies in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Adil Sattar said there is currently a dearth of options currently available in those locations.

K&N's Pakistan

K&N’s History:

K&N’s started it’s work in January 1964 with a poultry farm of 1000 chicks. Khallil Sattar, who was a college student at that time, is the founder of this company. Today, K&N’s is one of the poultry tycoons in Pakistan with poultry farm, poultry feed, processed chicken, ready to cook chicken, K&N’s Stock, Deline food  and poultry processing plants. They have their franchises in almost all major cities of Pakistan.