Littmann brand has been consistently producing most advanced stethoscopes in the market with outstanding features and splendid quality. The stethoscopes are great from their built to their acoustic performance. With the advancing technology in almost every discipline and area of life, littmann brand has also been keeping up with those advances. The stethoscopes are produced with features that are most suitable for the health professionals of the present age. The advances in the stethoscope’s production have made the lives of the health professionals more comfortable and their practice of assessment and examination, more time saving and reliable.

The greatest advancement of the Littmann brand is the production of Littmann Electronic Stethoscope. The stethoscope is best keeping up with the technological advances today. It is the best selection to work more productively. It is also one of the brilliant life science equipment. The stethoscope enables you to hear great and improved sound quality that would help in the better assessment and diagnosis. The stethoscope looks like a single head stethoscope. However, it weighs a little more than the standard model assuring the concerns of firmness.Littmann Electronic Stethoscope

The salient features of the electronic stethoscope are:

  • It is single headed
  • The tube is 27″ length
  • Flexible tubing
  • Comfortable grip
  • Non-chill diaphragm
  • Light weight design
  • It has backlit LCD display which is easy to read and include frequency selection, sound level, remaining battery life, and patient’s heart rate.
    85% of ambient background noises are eliminated by ambient noise reduction technology without filtering out critical body sounds.
  • Auto-on feature means no waiting to start next auscultation.
  • FDA 510 certification.
  • Tubing can also be personalized that shows your name to the patient and the coworkers.

The electronic stethoscope allows you to amplify the sounds and overcome the blockage. It amplifies the body sounds electronically and allows hearing a larger variety of sound frequency due to its extended range mode.  The stethoscope provide an extra power to listen  sounds of lungs, heart and other body sounds especially when they are faint due its amplifying feature up to 24X. It combines ambient sound reduction technology with the frictional noise dampening features. The stethoscope has this feature of converting acoustic sound waves to electrical signals which are then modified and processed for optimal listening. These features make electronic stethoscope a wireless device, a recording device that provides noise reduction, signal enhancement and audio output.  Due to its recording feature you can enjoy many advantages.  It let patient listen to their own sounds, to record multiple sounds in one patient and compare them or save up to twelve 30-second clips on your stethoscope of multiple patients. You can file them electronically at your convenience and seek a peer’s opinion with the 12-track recording capabilities. You can listen to these recorded sounds at half or full speed, in bell or diaphragm or extended range modes. Bluetooth software technology allows you to transmit the sounds to the colleagues to review which you can download for free with the purchase of this stethoscope.

An additional benefit of littmann electronic stethoscope is its ability to display heart rate.  By placing the stethoscope on the patient’s chest for about 15-20 seconds, you get the heart rate on the LCD.

Despite of its advanced features it is easy to use. You just have to push the button on the top and it is ready to use. It also has button for the adjustment of the volume, a button to turn from diaphragm to bell and a button to turn it off.

The most common issue of the electronic devices is their battery lives. However, Littmann Electronic Stethoscopes have great battery life. Battery life is very long. It has one double AA battery that can be easily inserted. A new battery can also be replaced with the old one easily by the help of screw driver to loose the screw so that the battery compartment separates. The screw will not get out-of-place as it is secured to the compartment.

The engraving on the stethoscope is an additional benefit. Your name on the stethoscope helps patients and coworkers to know your name. It saves your stethoscope from being stole and allows you to find your stethoscope if it being misplaced. The stethoscope is also easy to clean.

The littmann electronic stethoscope is definitely a good investment for the hearing impaired physician, as well as anyone who deals with “large” patients.

The stethoscope combines new technology with the traditional features of the other stethoscopes. It include bell, diaphragm,  Patented 3M™ Littmann® Snap-Tight Soft Seal Eartips, Non-chill scope cover , Durable, latex-free design  and Variety of tube colors. Excellent acoustic performance and help you focus on what you need to hear through its frictional noise reduction technology. It is made up of latex free material. It has an option to adjust the volume as well. Electronic stethoscopes are also used with Computer-aided Auscultation programs to analyze the recorded heart sounds pathological or innocent heart murmurs. Also the addition of Bluetooth and supporting software really takes this product into the 21st century. The stethoscope comes with two years warranty. You can send it back to repair within the warranty time.

If you have a prior generation electronic stethoscope that you aren’t really happy with, now may be the time to upgrade and give your old scope to a medical student in need. Littmann electronic stethoscope is although much expensive but it will definitely serve you well. It is worth buying and worth every penny.  Professionals who use this stethoscope highly recommend this. The advancement made by a Littmann Brand in the form of Littmann Electronic Stethoscope is great. The stethoscope is truly a great advancement in the stethoscope’s market.