Litmann Stethoscope

Undoubtedly, every model of stethoscopes by Littmann brand is great providing you with the best designs and performance as compared to the other brands.  But when it comes to prioritization of all the models within the Littmann brand based on their, design, performance and quality Littmann Classic II stethoscope has its own substantial place among the other famous models like 3M Littmann Cardiology III.  It holds a significant place in the market as well among the other models. Littmann Classic II stethoscopes have been considered great stethoscopes with high acoustic quality and impressive performance for the procedure of physical assessment and monitoring of the patient.  It has been used by various health professionals including internees, medical and nursing students, EMTs and health professionals alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, and other body sounds. Basically Littmann Classic II stethoscope is one of the best clinical instruments you could have.

3M Littmann Classic II stethoscopes – Customer Review

3M Littmann Classic II Stethoscope Ratings:

The stethoscope has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on the amazon by more than 2, 500 real users who not only rated the stethoscope as the best but also shared their effective auscultation experiences and contrast in their professional practice after introducing this stethoscope into their professional practices. This model is also one of the top 10 selling stethoscopes on Amazon. It is available in 23 colors & 4 chestpiece styles.

It has an award winning design that features high acoustic sensitivity with the portable convenience of single sided chestpiece with a tunable diaphragm on one side and traditional bell on the opposite side.  This tunable feature of the diaphragm is outstanding invention by the littmann brand. Littmann classic II features this technology letting you hear to both high frequency and low frequency sounds.  This can be accomplished by simply adjusting the pressure on the chestpiece. Press a little to hear to low frequency sounds and a little more pressure for high frequency sounds on the chestpiece. This time saving feature of this stethoscope lets you focus on what you are hearing instead of being stuck and irritated by the settings of the stethoscopes in which you have to turn over the chestpiece. The innovative feature makes this stethoscope one of the most desiring stethoscope preferred by different health professionals.

Classic_II_S.E._Black_Dancing_PThe greatest benefit of having 3M Littmann Classic II is its high acoustic sensitivity. It enables you to hear sounds clearly. Clear auscultation of body sounds is difficult in emergency situations where there are number of other sounds like siren of the ambulance and other people. If you are an emergency medical technician or any health professional who has been dealing with patients in noisy conditions, try this stethoscope. It would not pick up the other unrelated sounds, instead picks up the necessary and critical sounds with high auscultation that you are trying to hear in order to effectively carry out the assessment. When you are in the back of the rescue squad and providing services in the emergency conditions it is an excellent tool to use.

Chestpiece has been anatomically designed. There are difficulties of using a stethoscope around body contours and blood pressure cuffs which have been reduced with this stethoscope. Its chestpiece has been specifically designed to make it easier to perform physical examination in these areas. During blood pressure or routine physical examination, it delivers high acoustic quality with consistent performance.  Non-chill rim provides patients comfort.

You can also easily adjust the headset tension by simply squeezing together and pulling apart the eartubes.  Soft sealing eartips have been designed in a way to conform to individual’s ears for comfortable fit and excellent acoustic seal. Eartips snap firmly onto the ends of the eartubes and, for safety, require a significant effort to remove.

The resilient next generation tubing also retains its shape and flexibility even after being tightly folded in the pocket.  The tubing does not contain phthalate plasticizers for the protection of human health and environment. It is not made with natural rubber latex which is a benefit to sensitive medical professionals and their patients instead id made up of latex free material for allergy sensitive users.

It is also a lightweight stethoscope weighing about over 4 oz. It is comfortable for the professionals who have to carry their stethoscopes around their necks during duty hours. The lumen tubing is available in different colors.

The tube is also lengthy that lets you perform the physical examination with ease. It is about 28 inches long providing you with the plenty of leeway. Basically the stethoscope has been designed in a way to aid the health professionals in the process of assessment and at the same time provide comfort to the patients during their physical examination.

The stethoscope has been produced by a well-known brand littmann that ensures the best quality, superb acoustic performance and outstanding value.  It comes with three years littmann warranty. You can get it repaired for free within the warranty time.

Although the stethoscope is expensive, it is also durable. It would definitely last long. There are other stethoscopes which are cheaper than this model but usually a high quality product also accompanies a high price. The stethoscope is worth paying for. After having this you will hopefully not regret your decision of spending money.  The stethoscope is also available in 23 tube colors and 4 chestpiece on amazon. You can also select the specific color and chestpiece style of your choice.

Due to its versatile features, performance and design, it has been used by number of health professional who are devoted to achieving the best outcomes for their patients.  Littmann Classic II stethoscope offer superb acoustic performance, consistently high quality, and outstanding value to your money and professional practice. Wearing a Littmann stethoscope is an expression of your commitment to medicine, and personal success. That is why the Littmann Classic II is considered a great value for anyone looking for a stethoscope for general use. If you are particular about the performance, quality, and brand and need a tool that enhances your professional competency, Littmann Classic II is a way to go. It has been highly recommended by the professional who have been using it. Once you start using your Littmann, you will not go back to your older tool.