The law in the UK as to doggie ID is changing. No, this is not an April Fool’s. Rather, the only April Fools will very soon be those ignorant of the changes set to come into effect concerning their pooches.

When Will Microchipping Become UK Law, and Why?

Microchipping is not currently mandatory for dogs residing within the UK. Due to ardent pushing made by local councils, animal charities and the British Veterinary Association this is set to change. To find out why the British Veterinary Association has fought hard for dog microchipping to become a law as well as the reasons why they feel it is so important, visit the BVA website. The BVA website also features comprehensive information on what this will mean for dog owners and what new responsibilities they will have due to this change in law.

In summary, the most important points dog owners need to be aware of is that after April the 6th, 2016, it will be illegal to own a dog that is not microchipped. Hence, after this date all UK owned dogs will be required by law to be microchipped and too registered as such with any one of the ‘authorised commercial databases’.

Dog Microchip


How and Where to Get a Dog Microchipped ?

Currently in the UK, most vets charge a fee for microchipping dogs. Your local veterinary surgery or current vet will either be able to microchip your dog or be able to advise you as to where locally you can get your dog microchipped, and what it will cost you.
The cost varies from vet-to-vet and depending where you live. Some veterinary surgeries operate microchipping drop in days in which dogs can be microchipped for a one off fee. Some vets offer microchipping for a one off fee whenever you book in. Other vets charge for microchipping on top of standard appointment fees.

Alternatively, free microchipping services are available in some parts of the UK. To try and make free microchipping available in as much of the UK as possible ahead of it becoming law, a free microchipping service has been set up by the UK organisation and charity, Dog’s Trust.

As well as providing free microchipping, Dog’s Trust are also currently running a Dog Chipping Road Show to try and encourage all owners to have their pets chipped ahead of April 2016.

Besides Microchipping a Dog, What Do Owners Need To Do / Know?

Many dogs in the UK are currently not wearing dog tags, are wearing collars fitted with dog tags that do not display the legally required information or are engraved with information which is no longer correct. To learn what information needs by law to be stated on your dog’s tag, refer to The Control of Dogs Act 1992.

With microchipping becoming law, it will after April 2016 be far easier to fine owners whose dogs are found to be wearing collars and tags which do not display the information according to that stipulated by UK. Hence, to avoid a potential fine, know what your dog tags needs to state and invest in a new dog tag if your dog’s tag does not state that information.

Dog tags do not have to be a chore; you can make dog tag shopping fun by shopping at a personalized dog tags supplier, and search through a wealth of fun, characterful and handmade choices. So, even if your dog’s tag is up-to-date, you might want to invest in a new dog tag, adding to the information stated on your dog tag that you dog is microchipped.

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