Each stage of a dog’s development requires a different plan for its diet. Puppies, before being weaned, need lots of milk, but once they have left their mother’s side they need a special diet to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need to build strong bones and muscles. The diet for adult dogs typically includes chicken, beef, eggs and even some milk.

To find the perfect diet for any stage of a dog’s life is wellness dog food since it contains 14 ingredients that fit into the nutritional profiles needed for proper growth and maintenance.

Ingredients like chicken and whitefish contain as much as 80 percent water; chicken meal has nearly 300 percent more protein than regular chicken; brown rice is a gluten-free ingredient; oatmeal is rich in vitamins; peas provide carbohydrates and natural fiber; and barley which is also high in fiber. Other ingredients in wellness dog food are tomato pomace, fish meal, salmon meal, chicory root, chicken fat, chelated minerals and flaxseed.

Ingredients like these were chosen because they are easier for adult dogs and puppies to digest. This is important since it is recommended that you not feed dogs diets that are too high in protein because doing so could stress their renal structure which could lead to kidney damage. With older dogs requiring less food because of restricted movement and reduced energy needs, wellness dog food is the perfect food for them. At the same time, it is perfect for feeding to expectant mother dogs due to its balanced nutrition which is supplemented with vitamins and minerals for this time in their life.

The line of foods in wellness dog food is grain-free, low in carbs, and high in protein. A reduced-fat formula is also available for dogs that need to lose a little weight. This product is loaded with vitamins, minerals, vegetables, and fruits which means your dog will receive a well-balanced diet even if the recommended amounts seem small in comparison to others foods.

Dog owners feel this is an excellent food source for their animals, especially those who are very active. While reading this publication if it turns out that you want to learn more about dog care, consider visiting www.buildgreatfarms.com.