Basic/Plain Dog Bowl:

This is simply a plain dish or a bowl which serves as a dog food bowl. It may be made up of plastic, stainless steel or ceramic, available in a wide range of colors, designs and styles. Also available in various sizes so buy an appropriate one depending upon the size of your dog.

Ceramic ones are good if your dog dish is in a place highly visible and you want your dog bowl appears nice to them. These are great to express your choice and style. Also these are easy to clean but they will break if dropped and they can harbor bacteria if get cracked.

Plastic ones are durable, cheaper, and unbreakable but some dogs can chew them. Cleansing is easy. These also get contaminated and serve as a home for bacteria to grow if get chipped or cracked. Another drawback is that some dogs are allergic to plastic so they can have some mild skin allergic reactions on chin or face and paws.

Stainless steel bowls are a good choice. These are very durable, easy to clean and do not allow bacteria to grow.

Elevated/Raised Dog Bowls:

These are basically simple, detachable bowls placed on an elevated feeder stand making the dog more comfortable while eating. Stand may be made up of plastic, wood or metal. Usually these are beneficial for larger breeds of dogs that would bend down to eat from a bowl place on ground. Even some smaller dogs also feel comfortable in eating from elevated feeders. You can simply lift out the bowls for cleaning and washing. Veterinarians believe that elevated dog feeders tend to be healthier for dogs, preventing gastrointestinal problems.

Bowls for Fast Eaters:

Some dogs are fast eaters, they ingest their food too quickly potentially leading to health issues. Such dogs are on a risk to develop gastrointestinal problems like stomach issues and bloat, become overweight and get choked. If your dog is one of these speedy eaters then buying a specially designed bowl which can slow down eating is a good choice. Generally, these are made of plastic but can be available in different materials. These bowls have designed obstacles, narrowed sections or protrusions that compel the dog to carefully access the feed and eat slowly.

Automatic Food Dispensers/Bowls:

If you are not available to feed your dog then you must have an automatic food dispenser. These are standard dog bowls attached to a container or reservoir for storage of feed. They will keep your dog bowl full of feed until or unless the storage container gets empty. As you cannot monitor your dog’s feed intake properly, so free feeding can be harmful to your dog as it can cause certain weight problems and health issues. However, some automatic feeders are programmable. You can program these for selected time intervals to dispense a selected amount of feed.

Portable/Travel Dog Bowls:

Portable dog bowls is another type of unique dog bowls. These bowls are great to bring your dog’s food and water along with you if you are on a trip, vacation or driving with your pet. These are easy to pack as these can be folded to a smaller size making them portable. These are made of polyester, plastic or nylon and are not much expensive.