Register your Dog for Emotional Support Animal Certificate

Humans and animals have always been supposed to live together in harmony and take care of one another. This statement would be even more meaningful for people who are having psychological conditions that can be caused by a traumatic event or life pressure. It is already proven that pets, or more likely dogs, can be a great company that has a significant recovering effect on people with such conditions. The problem, however, is the no-pet obligation that many public housings like apartments and flats have.

Solving the Problem

The existence of this obligation has dated to a long time ago and cannot be taken down. However, patients can register their dog for an emotional support dog certification with the help of the psychologist or therapist who have supervised them. This certificate will give a legal protection over their dog and themselves from the regulation that is given by the property owner. Apart from being used in public housings, this piece of letter can be used when patients are going somewhere by plane since airlines usually do not allow passengers to bring animals to the cabin during the flight.


Get your Dog Certified

Even though it is very useful for those who need it, creating the certificate is known to be putting people’s patience into limit. However, people can register emotional support dog certificate at the Emotional Support Animal Center in a quicker way without having to leave their house. At the website, they can register for an online test to prove their eligibility for the certificate. What they need to do is to provide their data and the reason why they need this certification. There are three types of certificate available; one for housings, the other is for flights, and the third is for both. When they are done, they just need to pay the expense and receive their certificate.