A a social media freak I can see the everyday increasing trend of rearing pets and adopting them by Pakistanis. Different societies and organisations are working in Pakistan to save pets and animals. They also try to find a better home for wandering cats and dogs. Here is a list of Animal Care Organisations and Facebook Pages & Communities that are working for animals welfare and they can help you adopting a pet.

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS):

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS is a Non-Profit Organization working for animal welfare in Pakistan from 2004. PAWS mission is to create a more just and equitable relationship between humans and animals in Pakistan.

Animal Care Association Pakistan: 

Animal Care Association Pakistan:

ACAP is Team of Animal Lovers, working hard to Protect the little voiceless angels .Our basic 5 objectives are to Rescue injured and homeless animals ,Provide them Shelter , Feed the hungry animals , provide Medical Aid and create Awareness. The ACAP has five major objects

  • Rescue animals in need
  • Provide shelter to the animals
  • Feed the hungry animals
  • Medical treatment of the diseased/injured animals
  • & spread awareness about the welfare of animals

Vets Care Organization, Pakistan:

Vets Care Organization (VCO) is a group of veterinarian and volunteer who are passionate for the better care, treatment and welfare of animals.  VCO is dedicated to promote a caring and humane attitude towards all living creatures. VCO is committed to make Pakistan an ideal and cruelty-free environment for animals. Vets Care Organization also organises free vaccination for pets every year on World’s Veterinary Day.