If you are working on some research project and feeling uncomfortable while searching your concerned research papers on Google or Bing. Here is a list of “Search Engines” that can be useful and time saving for searching “Research Articles”.

1- BioOne



The very first name comes to our minds is BioOne. A wonderful search engine for all kind of research article/reviews. The best thing that is very attractive about BioOne is that it’s mobile friendly. It’s also offer Mobile Pairng Code facility. For details you can visit BioOne.

2- Google Scholar

Google Scholars


Google Scholars powered by the search engine tycoon is one of the best search engines for research article. It’s mobile friendly and support the search filter feature too. You can easily log in with your Google account. It also gives an option to add documents to your Google Drive.

3- Journal ASCO

American Society of Clinical Oncology


You can easily search Journal related to oncology and deals articles related to cancer research.
You can follow ASCO on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

4- Journal Seek

Genamics JournalSeek


Genamics JournalSeek is a free and largest source for journal with more than 45,000 categorized journals.




JSTOR, Journal Storage, helps in finding papers of any field. It is non-profit organization. Its was founded in 1995 by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with a broad mission to help the academic community. And now it’s almost 19 years old with a huge database of research papers. You can follow JSTOR on twitter @JSTOR and Facebook.


6- Medline plus

7- Nature



A well known and famous international journal publishing company gives you an options to search different research papers of your choice.  You can follow Nature Publishing Group on Facebook.



OJOSE, Online Journal Search Engine, is best and powerful search engine for journals, articles, research reports, books.

9- pLoS One



PLOS, Public Library of Science, is an openly available, library sort of search engine. Facebook 

10- PubChem

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PubChem making easier to search Chemistry and chemical substances related papers. It’s a child section of National Center for Biotechnology Information.

11- PubMed

 US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Search database

12- Q-sensei


Q-Sensei delivers powerful multi-dimensional search technology — including an all-encompassing platform for enterprise search, discovery and analytics — to explore, control and leverage the wealth of Big Data with all its correlations. Q-Sensei’s platform enables the efficient and rapid creation of search-based applications for business advantage.

13- Sci Central

 Sci Central

One of the search engine which give free access to science related articles.

14- Science Daily

Science Daily



It’s Commonly used article searching software.

15- Science Direct



Science Direct, a leading full-text scientific database, is offering more million search papers, books and journals. It’s offers a great variety of papers for Veterinarians.

16- Science.gov



Many government agencies are involved in this for the betterment and control of science and science related things.

17- Scirus

18- MedLibLog

19- Springer

20- Web of Science