In this tech era, you can’t live in olden times even you are a veterinary doctor. Time is short and work is more to beat the competition. Boost your day to day efficiency by using top 5 software that can help a veterinary doctor.

Are you still one of those, staying busy all the time and your work couldn’t be completed ever? Tired of managing big files and hard copy records? Writing, writing and writing. Finally, get confused about chiky peeky hand-written reports?

If so, it is a good time to upgrade yourself!

Embrace New Technology:

You would have a smartphone, a nice laptop, and a tablet or an iPad. These are common gadgets everyone is keeping or at least one of these can be with you every time. You should use advanced synchronization system and keep everything up-to-date online. Stay tuned from anywhere to save your time and improve your efficiency.

Electronic Medical Records:

You should go paperless, it will make your work faster and more efficient as keeping electronic medical records, you can search by using few keys and a complete record will be there in less than a minute. It is way faster than paper medical records lost in thousands of files.

Use of Templates:

Once you will embrace the advanced electronic medical records system, you will have plenty of time for improving your patient care system. Mostly veterinary software systems have their own templates but still, you can customize easily as per your needs. Holding your clients on wait isn’t good idea but keeping them busy on some self-service forms will speed-up the process.

Top 5 software for veterinary doctors to make them efficient:

Let’s go for conversion by using above mentioned 5 handy software for vets.

#1- Electronic Self-Service Forms

To increase clients’ satisfaction and speeding up the process such electronic self-service forms are very helpful.

The good thing is that you can design the forms as per your needs by using simple drag and drop options.

#2- Electronic Flowsheet

Go paperless by embracing the advanced electronic flowsheets to increase the efficiency and revolutionize the customer service. Electronic flowsheets are way better than paper flow sheets in terms of management and maintenance of records.

Handwritten messy flowsheets are hard to read for anyone while converting to electronic flowsheets, you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Built-in calculators,
  • Automatic reminders
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Complete synchronization

#3- Electronic Whiteboard For Workflow Management

This software is designed and developed to organize workflow in the hospital and as it will be cloud-based synchronized so there will be fewer chances to miss or late treatments.

Furthermore, there will be contact info, problem, weight, and picture of each patient admitted to the hospital. Priority and schedules with sequence number will be displayed on the electronic whiteboard to match your personal schedule with hospital scheduled to be on time.

#4- Electronic Anesthetic Sheet

Everything from pre-op to post-op medicines, drugs, surgical tools and other emergency vitals etc. will be mentioned here. You can create templates as per your need to save your precious time. It is cost effective too as paperless (no scanning or filing will be involved).

#5- Electronic Outpatient Whiteboard

Days of unorganized and messy whiteboards gone already. Now vets can have the advanced electronic outpatient whiteboard to keep updated well-organized records.

These are the worth using 5 veterinary software for veterinary doctors to improve efficiency, time and profitability.



Jawad Ahmad is veterinary graduate from Asia's best veterinary university, University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He loves to blog and work as a freelance writer for biosciences niche. He joined "Veterinary Hub" in June 2013 as an author. He is currently a post-graduate student in Department of Pathology, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore.