International Poultry Exhibition Pakistan is one of the largest poultry exhibitions in the world. Pakistan is an emerging country in the field of poultry production and feed. Due to growing poultry production, per kilogram rates are not going up as faster as the rates of mutton and beef. Per capita meat consumption is also increasing due to this industry.
IPEX Pakistan has released their floor plan and other registration form for farmers, advertisers, booth set up and cooking competition.
We are also trying to jot down the list of companies attending International Poultry Expo 2013.

Floor Plan for IPEX Pakistan 2013

IPEX Pakistab - Floor Plan


List of Companies Attending IPEX Pakistan :

All the companies are representing themselves in IPEX Pakistan on 26-28 September, 2013 and have booked their stall in the exhibition hall.

  1. Vision Intellect Enterprise
  2. Pepco Pakistan
  3. QR Co. Ltd, QJT Equipt Co. Ltd, QINGZHOU SAHNE, QXE Equipt Co. Ltd, Quindao Avi-Tech Machinery Company Limited, QINGZHOU SANHE, QAT Equipt Company Limited, QJT Equipt Company Limited, & Chine Pavilion.
  4. Big Bird Group (pvt.) Limited
  5. Marush International
  6. K&Ns
  7. Agfa Tech
  8. EVS
  9. Ghazi Brothers
  10. Chick Solutions
  11. Hi Tech group
  12. Orient Animal Health
  13. Fine Fabricator
  14. UM Enterprises
  15. Daim Engineers
  16. Ample Trade Impex
  17. Saadat International
  18. Vety Care
  19. Khalid Majeed & Co.
  20. Selmore Agencies
  21. Muyang China
  22. Jawad Impex Traco
  23. Impex Traco
  24. Mehta Brothers
  25. Agro Tech
  26. Islamabad Tech
  27. National Feed
  28. Zagro Singapur Pte
  29. Bird Care
  30. Cherry Pharma International
  31. BUHLER
  32. Kemin
  33. Al Ibrahin International
  34. Tecman International
  35. Poultry Tech International
  36. Bin Sadiq International
  37. Pine International
  38. Elite Marketing Associates
  39. SB Pharma
  40. Wahla Group of Companies
  41. Al Waha Egg
  42. The Automation Master
  43. Nizami Feeds
  44. Diamond Jambolon
  45. Shangai UNO Company Limited
  46. Evinok Industries
  47. Allied Impex
  48. TMS
  49. Badar Ul Huda
  50. Naseem Traders International
  51. Schiwo Pakistan
  52. Beijing Smile Style Company
  53. Hilton Pharma
  54. Golden Harvest
  55. Alpha Penta
  56. Progressive Associate
  57. Vetmune Pharma
  58. Engineers Connection
  59. Forward solutions

See complete list with stall locations and contact numbers.

Registration Forms For IPEX Pakistan :

Cooking  Competition Application Form :

You can download this form. All the applicant are required to email their filled forms to This attached image also shows all the important details of “Cooking Carnival” at IPEX 2013.

Cooking Carnival IPEX 2013

Banner Application Form


Conference Application Form :

If you want to attend the conference in the conference room. You need to download  the registration form. There is also a registration fee.

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