Healthy Paws is one most positively reviewed pet insurance company having broader benefits and unlimited lifetime coverage with extremely flexible plans. Healthy Paws is keen to high customer satisfaction offers coverage of genetic and hereditary conditions, numerous discounts to customer and its organization members as well and annual deductions including no claims caps. Wellness coverage and discounts on multiple pet is still not allowed by its customers but despite of this it is considered most by pet owners for insurance of their pets.

healthy paws

Through the Homeless Pet Medical Grant Program, Healthy Paws helps animal rescue groups and shelters provide medical treatment to thousands of homeless pets in their care by donating a portion of its profits. In addition to being charitable through its non-profit organization, Healthy Paws is financially stable. It is underwritten by Ace Group, which is A+ rated by A.M. Best. You can feel secure that this insurer can pay out on your claim.

With no lifetime or annual limits and one customizable plan, this pet health insurance provider aims to make insuring your pet simple. Pets 14 years and older are not eligible for coverage, and exams and wellness are not covered by this company. You will need to cover those expenses out-of-pocket. However, premiums are lower than many other pet insurance plans that offer similar reimbursements and deductibles.

Interacting with Healthy Paws regarding your coverage, a billing question or claims can be done through phone, email and mail, as well as on the company website or through an app that installs on your smartphone. You can submit a claim by snapping a photo of your vet bill and submitting it on the app. This is a unique feature of this company, as most pet insurance companies require one- or two-page claim forms to be filled out in addition to the veterinarian’s bill.

Healthy Paws has one of the simplest plans in the pet health insurance industry, with no limits to worry about. Veterinary medicine has evolved to the point where many diseases and accidents that used to mean certain death can now be resolved, but the associated cost of these medical advances is huge. Without a lifetime or annual limit on this policy, your pet can get the care it needs in one of these situations without worry about a large bill.

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