Sometimes the best looking, most functional reptile supplies or decorations and features in your Gecko habitat can be made at home with a little time and effort.

Even if you are not a skilled tradesman but you do have some time on your hands, crafting your own habitat features can be a fun and productive experience.

The following are four fun things you can build for your pet that are both functional and decorative, adding some diversity to your existing reptile supplies.

Build a Gecko Hide

Purchase or re-purpose an old wooden bowl and drill some holes into the bottom.  When turned over they will create a nice looking hide for your gecko to tuck into when your pet needs some alone time.

Use a drill bit, preferably two inches in diameter and cut two holes at either end of the bowl for easy entry and exit.  If you only have small drill bits you can make repeated small holes in a circle and then push them out with your thumb.  Be sure to sand the edges to make them smooth and round to avoid injuring your gecko.

Build A Tunnel Style Gecko Hide

Make use of discarded PVC pipe that you can get from Home Depot to turn into a tunnel hide.  Take a saw and cut the pipe in half and sand the edges again.  Choose which length best suits your habitat.  You can then paint the exterior or spread some glue and sprinkle with sand or fine gravel to create a natural look.  Not only will this creation work as a great gecko hide but it will also aid as a shedding aid.  Be sure to use non-toxic materials when choosing glues or paints.  Check with a reptile supplies store to make sure the products are reptile safe.

Build a Rock Garden

Collect nice coloured rocks in various shapes and sizes to stack up in a corner of the habitat.  Create space underneath and place a flatter rock over the top to create another sort of hide where your reptile pet can be semi hidden but still watch what’s going on outside.

Build Travel Ways

Purchase or ask for scrap tile sheets from your local hardware store in order to have some materials to work with.  These tile sheets will be attached by mesh webbing that allows the sheet to be flexible enough to be turned into a ramp.  The idea is to build ramps up to different levels within the habitat or stretch a sheet across a gap.  Make sure you cut the sheets to size and anchor them securely using the same glue you used for the tunnel hide.  The tiles can then also be coated with sand or fine gravel to aid with grip and add beauty.

If you need ideas or help with materials that are safe to be inside your reptiles habitat please feel free to contact the pet experts at Northern Gecko who can be found online at: