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      Jawad Ahmad

      Dear all !
      I would like to know your opinions about dog food. Which brand is best and which one is the worst for dog food ? Share your views please.

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      I have been using Taste of the Wild for my Pitbull Oscar .. i have had great results .. you can check his photos on http://www.allaboutpets.pk

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      Dr. Muhammad

      Mostly small animals practitioners all around the world they rely on HILL’S and ROYAL CANIN. These are the best food with their own advantages and disadvantages. Its quite a long discussion to discus about their advantages and disadvantages. Am not sure if anyone have supply of any of these brands. Check with Dr. Hammad from gujrat. Small animal Practitioner (UVAS)

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      Jawad Ahmad

      Almost all dog food brands are good. Each brand has it’s own significance. PetsOne.pk allows you to buy all kind of dog food in Pakistan by making all brands available online.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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