Cat lovers will know the feeling of having to get on one knee, or even two, and clean the litter box. If you have a cat then you know that this is a daily routine. In some households, where there are multiple cats, the process will take on multiple trips and cleaning can be something of a chore. If you are tired of this, you could always go with an automated litter box. This is an option that is going to help you clean things up and not have to get on bended knee multiple times a day. If you’re not cleaning up properly, you’re going to run into issues with your feline companion, that’s for sure. To offset that, you should consider a few steps that are for sure going to help you gain the upper hand.

The Litter Comes First

Before getting into the debate of whether or not you should use an automated litter box, make sure that you look at the litter. This may seem rudimentary for some, but it’s not. It’s something that you need to really think about. If you get the cheap stuff, for instance, expect odors to come through your home. If you don’t get something that is clumping, expect to have to dig out fecal matter from the liner or the box itself. Find a good, dust free, lightweight solution that is going to work out best. If you have multiple cats, then look at the labels carefully and make sure that you get something that is tailor made for multiples. Otherwise, you’re going to hate this whole process.

The Plain Box

For those that want to have a simple box, that’s fine. You can have a good litter box that can hold litter and invite cats that need to go about their business. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. However, you need to keep on top of it. Don’t let it become disheveled, don’t let fecal matter clump up and start piling up. Cats do not like this. They will eventually drop something outside of the box to show you that they are somewhat peeved about this. They look to you to clear things out, even though they will do their part to bury some if not all of their waste. You have to come in and assist, and they’ll oblige to help cover it up. When you stop cleaning, they will stop caring, and you’re going to butt heads.

The Automatic Solution

There is great joy found in a home where the litter box is taken care of. If you no longer want to deal with the hassle, then you will want to look into an automatic litter box. This is a solution that can easily give you the upper hand in cleaning. It automatically scrapes and picks up the fecal matter and puts it in a new compartment that you can empty out from time to time. This means no more bended knee, no more kneeling, just simply set it and forget it. Your cats will love you, and you will not have to worry about cat litter box hassles any longer. Just fill it up from time to time, clear out the trap and enjoy.