2015-12-05_11-03-36Jack Russell Terriers are very active and energetic dog breed which needs a lot of exercise on daily basis to keep up with that energy level. However, if they are not provided exercise from the start or not trained properly they become more aggressive. So in order to keep them happy provide them care and plenty of exercise. By the opinion of experts and happyjackrussell blog we have constituted a complete 8 step guide to make your Jack Russell Terriers happy during their life.

  • As puppies learns faster, so you should take advantage of that fact and start their training from the first week.
  • Always keep your voice tone low and never hit or scold your Jack Russell Terrier while training, it will leave a negative impact.
  • When you receive your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy for the first time, you should start housetraining him starting from small areas in your room.
  • If you find your dog trouble relieving, make a habit of taking him on a walk and take him to the same spot every time.
  • Anxiety signs usually appear when you leave your dog alone at home. This can be controlled by ignoring your dog for 10 minutes when you go somewhere, don’t pay him attention and use the same trick when you return.
  • Sometimes injury can happen to your Jack Russell Terrier when he has developed a habit of chasing cats or other small animals. You can control the chasing issue by making him sit on a rock solid command of “sit” or desensitizing him to cats.
  • Always reward your dog when he obeys your command. You can reward cheese or chicken bits to your Jack Russell Terriers, they are very fond of these.
  • Never try to train your dog when he is hungry or exhausted.

We hope you will find this Happy Jack Russell Terrier Guide helpful while training your dog!