Benefits of Raw Dog Food Diets : How to find the best dog food for Pitbull? Or, does your Pitbull consume a nutritionally balanced food?

Most of the dog owners are actually worried about the food they’re feeding their pets i.e. dogs and puppies. Here to note, dog’s health is directly related to the type of foods they’re consuming. Good quality dog foods can literally influence the quality of your Pitbull’s life and make them healthier & stronger.

So, it’s utterly important to find some high-quality dog foods that are rich in terms of protein, vitamins, and minerals. According to the research, the commercial dog foods do not necessarily provide the much-desired nutrition.

However, a raw dog food diet generally consists of muscle meats which are much healthier than the processed dog foods. In this context, this article will introduce you to the best dog food for pitbull that are protein-focused, healthy, nutritionally balanced, and contains fresh ingredients.

5 Raw Dog Food For Pitbull

Top 5 Raw Dog Food For Pitbull : Here’s a detailed list of top 5 raw dog food diets for Pitbulls.

1. Raw Meaty Bones:

Your Pitbull requires two basic minerals, including calcium & phosphorus in a ratio of 1 : 1 to 2 : 1. Meat generally contains a small amount of calcium and a significant amount of phosphorus.

However, raw meaty bones can easily deliver the much-desired minerals (calcium & phosphorus) in an average ratio of 1 : 1. Hence, these raw dog food will be really ideal for your Pitbull that promotes good health and a great immune system. Here’s a list of some of the popular RMBs.

  1. Chicken (any part)
  2. Turkey (any part
  3. Duck (any part)
  4. Pheasant (any part)
  5. Quail (feed whole)
  6. Rabbit (any part)
  7. Ostrich and emu (ribs, necks, and knuckles)
  8. Pork (ribs, shoulders, necks, and tails)
  9. Lamb (ribs, necks, and breasts)
  10. Oxtails

2. Raw Organ Meat:

Around 10% of your Pitbull’s diet should contain raw organ meat. You can feed them the easily-available raw organ meats, for example, livers, hearts, and kidneys of chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef etc.

3. Raw Muscle Meat:

Boneless raw muscle meats can be also fed to your Pitbull – which can be either in grounded form or available in smaller chunks. Sometimes, Pitbulls really require some red meat to consume as an integral part of their diet. Thus, you can feed them grounded beef, oxtails, and lamb RMBs etc.

4. Raw Eggs:

The egg’s shell generally contains around 95% calcium, that efficiently balances the excess phosphorus usually found in organ meats, meatier RMBs, boneless muscle meats, and the raw eggs themselves. You should ideally feed your Pitbull around 3-4 large raw eggs (with shell) per week.

5. Raw Fishes:

As wild fish generally contains parasites, so feed your Pitbull some specific wild fish species or farmed fish, for example, tuna and snapper. But, never feed them raw salmons as these fishes can incur poisoning diseases which are potentially fatal. Carp and catfish can be also fed as these species contain an enzyme that binds Vitamin B1.

Other than that, you can also feed your Pitbull raw fruits and veggies (broccoli, parsley, spinach, celery, apple etc ) but they need to be properly crushed in a juicer/grinder or a food processor.

The Final Words:

A raw dog food diet is specifically designed to resemble your Pitbull’s natural ancestral food habits. According to the aforementioned details, the list of “five best dog food for pitbull” will really satisfy your pet’s instinctive carnivorous food preference.

Other than that, the notable benefits are mentioned below :

  • Firmer stools
  • Healthier skin & coat
  • Improved digestion
  • Better weight management
  • Reduced allergy symptoms

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