Littmann has been the best brand to manufacture the best stethoscopes around the globe. The company has much more marketing resources than any other brand. The company has been manufacturing stethoscopes since the last 45 to 46 years and has received much response from the different health professionals. The company now offers stethoscopes for nearly every health professional including anesthesiologists, cardiologists, EMTs, veterinarian, pediatricians, nurses and respiratory specialists. Popular models include the Littmann Cardiology III, Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope and the Littmann Classic. These models along with many are available on the amazon. The heightened response and marketing of this brand is because of the quality, features and the design they deliver to their customers. Although, littmann brand build many acoustic stethoscope models 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope has been rated top among this family.

Some Core Features of Stethoscopes:

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope - Complete ReviewBefore writing a review on this top rated stethoscope I would briefly explain the features of this stethoscope. The stethoscope is not just used by cardiologist rather general practice physicians, critical care nurses, medical students and other professionals also use it for the auscultation of cardiac, lungs and other body sounds. It also has the time same saving feature i.e. tune-able diaphragm. Double lumen eliminates noise interferences from external tubes rubbing together. Chestpiece is double sided for pediatric and adult assessment. It comes with small and large soft sealing ear tips, non-chill bell sleeve, and instructions.

In fact is an outstanding and versatile instrument. Although it is expensive as compared to the other available stethoscopes but basically it is an investment in your professional career. In exchange of the money you will be receiving a stethoscope that almost hears everything including murmurs. Yes, you can listen to and pick up crackles very easily with this model. Gel like soft bud tips gives a complete noise cancelling effect. It exceeds other models in term of function and comfort. Heart, breathe, lungs and bowel sounds can be easily heard with clear auscultation resulting in more reliable and accurate assessment. Taking BP with the Cardiology III is also much clearer. It also provides an excellent hearing in loud situations such as in the ambulance with the running siren. I would say the stethoscope serves the best for the emergency providers.

Design and Specifications of Littmann Cardiology III:

The design of the stethoscope is also very captivating. It is light weight that makes it comfortable to carry around the neck throughout the shift. It weighs almost about 180 grams. The 27 inch tubing is the perfect length to work with. The tune-able diaphragm feature is also amazing. By simply adjusting the pressure, you can hear to both high and low sounds with the same stethoscope. It is simply switching between the bell and the diaphragm mode by slight change of the pressure over the chestpiece. This dual head and tuning capability enables to use the same stethoscope for adults and pediatric patients so, instead of having two stethoscopes, you only needs this two in one stethoscope. This feature is especially helpful when you work in a setting where either could be your patient. This feature also saves the time of the physicians and allows him to focus on the sounds than playing with the adjusting the settings of the stethoscope. This innovative feature makes this stethoscope more helpful and desiring than the other brands. It is made up of latex free material and non- chill rim provides an excellent comfort for the patients during the examinations.

The stethoscope does all the work and enables you to focus on what you are hearing instead of what you are trying to hear. The stethoscope makes this an effortless thing to do. The build quality is fantastic and very durable. It is easy to clean as well. Two-in-one-lumen reduces noise artifacts that might be created by two tubes rubbing together that means there will no more sound artifacts with this stethoscope. Tube is connected to the nice binaural which is designed well and angled correctly to fit in human ear canal. Ear piece are soft to avoid injury and discomfort. The stethoscope is available in variety of colors ranging from light to vibrant colors. The color makes it easier to identify your stethoscope when it has been borrowed or prevent it from being stolen. It is available in almost 12 to 13 colors. You can the pick the color of your choice out of them.

One Stethoscope for All Doctors:

Excellent build quality, great appearance and being able to flip the bell is a huge plus. The personal engraving also makes it impossible for someone else to claim that this stethoscope is there’s and prevents it from being stolen. If you’re looking for an awesome stethoscope that really makes your life in the medical field easier, this is the one. It is one of the bestselling stethoscopes across the globe and it has been widely trusted by physicians and medical health professionals who highly recommend this stethoscope based on their experience. The stethoscope has been really useful for the Anesthetics, Cardiologist, Emergency Physician, Family Practitioner, Internist, Medical Student, Nurse, Pediatrician, and Respiratory Specialist.


Qualities of Good StethoscopeIf you are in search of a stethoscope that aid you in better auscultation, performance and ultimately helps you in better examination and assessment of your patient’s condition, then Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope is the way to go. Although the stethoscope is expensive than the other brands of littmann but once you have bought it, you will not hopefully regret your decision. It is best stethoscope and worth paying. Stethoscope’s features, designs and performance do value your money. It comes with 5 years warranty. Unfortunately, if anything has gone wrong with your stethoscope, you can send it back to repair. So, if you are particular and choosy about the quality and great warranty go for this model of the littmann brand that provides you best practical designs and models with a choice of tubing and chest piece color. The stethoscope has an outstanding reputation and it is for a reason. In short, the Cardiology III is worth every penny. I highly recommend this Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope.