21st Dairy Club meeting concluded in University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore on December 10, 2014. The main topic of discussion for this meeting was the use of modern techniques and better use of artificial insemination techniques to increase production, breeding standards and profitability in commercial farming.

21st Dairy Club Meeting

Director Altaf &Co, Mr. Sheraz Atlaf presented a curated data depicting the importance of artificial insemination (AI). He emphasized that improving our local breeds and their milk production is a long term process. By using semen from tested and topĀ breeds of milk production, we can speed up the process of genetic selection in Pakistan and it will also enhance the average lactation yield of animals. Mr. Altaf also briefly introducedĀ the use of embryo transfer technology. He presented that use of embryo transfer techniques and embryo selling can be a good option to start business.

Dairy Club started its meetings and discussion in recent years and all stakeholders, veterinarians and other personal linked with this dairy industry of Pakistan are always welcomed to join dairy club discussion every month.